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Various Artists
"The Method"

‘THE METHOD’ is Emotif’s strongest and most dynamic album to date. Covering a wealth of styles, within the ever evolving Drum & Bass genre. Accross it’s two formats, the album covers some seventeen tracks, Fourteen exclusives (Double CD format,12 exclusive tracks, 2nd CD mixed by RAY KEITH exclusivly, Quadruple 12” vinyl format 8 exclusive tracks) and is currently rocking dancefloors both here and abroad. The album features the cream of the Emotif’s camp experimenting with different flavour’s for the first time (Elementz of Noize, BLIM, Tonic, Click n’ Cycle, Dazzle T & Quicky ). Where as previously Emotif has released albums of a thematic nature that are generic to an area of the scene (Techsteppin’ & Danger U.E.D) this albums documents the state of play right here, right now. A music that has evolved at such an incomprehensible fast pace, it has at times been difficult to keep track of it’s developments. THE METHOD shows the way foreward, of how the Techstep, Hardstep, Jump up, intelligent scenes etc, etc have merged succesfully bringing back the unified feel of how it all began. This album is being supported by the scenes top DJ’s accross the board. As with Emotif’s previous output we include exclusive contributions from some of the scenes top producers, reflecting their own style in an Emotif-esque fasion (some for the first time), an impressive list that include, Ray Kieth, Shy fx, T-Power, L-Double & Acetate (Flex camp), Basic Unit, Droppin’ Science (Dylan), along side newcomers Audio-state & System critical. The CD format contains a blistering RAY KIETH mix CD, mixed in Ray’s exquisite style & will give any listener far and wide the chance to experience a typical RAY KIETH set as it would be at Londons top D & B club night ‘Movement’. The album has been heavily supported by Ray as has the scene, with Grooverider, Frost, Swift, Andy C, Hype, Trace, Ed-Rush, Krust, Bryan Gee, Mickey Finn and Kenny Ken amongst others all cutting dub-plates accross the past 3 to 6 months.
This album captures a perfect historical display of our artists and labels sound, development and style, that is our very own. ‘THE METHOD’ requires your full attention and your open mind. This is how it should be done.

1. Click N' Cycle - Trippin [Tonic Rmx]
2. Flex camp - Style wars'
3. Audio State - Methane
4. Ray Keith - D4 Toxic waste
5. Dylan - Witchcraft''Chapter 2'
6. System Critical - Infinite Movement
7. B.L.I.M & Clinical - Morain
8. T Power - 33rd Parallel
9. Basic Unit - Bridged
10. Elementz Of Noize - Mars needs women
11. Dazzle T & Quicky - Electrock
12. 45 Roller feat. Shy FX - Saturday night roller